Film Experience

Two decades ago, we took the foundation we were given; being raised in the outdoors, and used that as a launch pad to professionally travel and document the world, running rivers that had never been explored or skiing mountains that have never been ascended. Living on the edge of the map is not just a passion but also a way of life. These harsh, remote places are our home, feeling as comfortable resting our heads on the earth as we do in our own beds.

Career opportunities came and went and while these detours added new skills and more training; the obsession and lifestyle was one we couldn’t stray away from. Soon thereafter, companies like National Geographic, Discovery and the BBC were asking us to give them content, ideas and stories from the places we have been, and to take them and their crews to see and document these harsh landscapes for themselves.

The two decades of exploration and professional outdoor guiding on landscapes near and far combined with our 15 years in film production are the tools we bring to a surgically refined service and ability to facilitate full scale film production anywhere on our planet.

we bring to a surgically refined service and ability to facilitate full scale film production anywhere on our planet

Anywhere in the World

The Southwest region of the United States is our home and we know the Canyonlands, desert, and mountain country as well as anyone. Filming vehicles on the road, rigging 3,000-foot big walls in Norway or running 21-day whitewater expeditions through the Grand Canyon. From exploring never before seen rivers in Tibet to the glaciers of Greenland: Earth, Air and Water, these are our elements and organizing all the logistics and facets of your project is our expertise. We can do a little or do it all depending on your needs.

Any Story

The filming platforms we develop and the production solutions we offer our clients are a reflection of our professionalism, passion, creativity, enthusiasm and dedicated lifestyle to filming and being outside. Call us and let’s chat about your project, and how we can offer you a smooth, seamless production while providing you with imaginative potentials that you may never have thought possible.


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